• Embroidered Duvet Cover Sets

    Embroidered Duvet Cover Sets

    -Embroidered duvet cover sets is one of the most popular product in European、India etc... -Embroidered duvet cover sets is usually made of by 60s*60s * 200*98Read More
  • Embroidered Sheets

    Embroidered Sheets

    Embroidered sheets is part of embroidered sets. It use to be Plain sheet. But if you want embroidered on it ,we can customized it for you. Because we are big factory in China.Read More
  • Embroidered Bedding

    Embroidered Bedding

    -Embroidered bedding is made of by long stapled cotton. Long stapled cotton is the king of the cotton fabric. This material is only made of by China and the United States. -Embroidered bedding yarn weaving and density is : 60s*60s 200*98Read More
  • Embroidered Bed Sheets

    Embroidered Bed Sheets

    -Embroidered sheets made in China.
    -Embroidered sheets with high quality supplier
    Read More
  • White Embroidered Bedding

    White Embroidered Bedding

    White embroidered bedding is one of the popular design in the world. White 60s*60s fabric looks high-end. And embroidery make the bedding sets more luxury.Read More
  • Embroidered Bedspreads

    Embroidered Bedspreads

    Embroidered bedspreads is part of embroidery bedding sets. It’s used to be plain color. If you use 40s*40s fabric as embroidered bedspreads it will be more cheap and fine.Read More
  • Embroidered Comforter

    Embroidered Comforter

    Embroidered comforter is kind of quilt, It’s selling like hot cake in everywhere. We got our own quilted car.Read More
  • Embroidered Sheets and Pillowcases

    Embroidered Sheets and Pillowcases

    The purple pillowcase in the below is our regular pillowcase. You can also embroidery on the 100% pillowcase. The pink one show the special design of pillowcase. You can choose whatever you like and click “contact us”Read More
  • Embroidered Pillowcases

    Embroidered Pillowcases

    Embroidered pillowcases can be two style. One is embroidered pillowcase and the other one is patch embroidery.Read More
  • Embroidered Bed Sheets India

    Embroidered Bed Sheets India

    Embroidered bed sheets India , it’s very popular product in India and other country.Read More
  • Embroidered Duvet Cover Queen

    Embroidered Duvet Cover Queen

    Embroidered duvet cover queen is made by cotton and linen. It’s about 50%cotton. This material is very smooth and soft.Read More
  • Embroidered Duvet Cover

    Embroidered Duvet Cover

    Embroidered duvet cover is our high quality product. One embroidery machine will only output for 10 embroidered duvet covers, that’s why the high price about the embroidery duvet cover.Read More
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