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Will The Washable Cotton Quilt Shrink?
- May 02, 2018 -

Generally, it will not shrink. Water washing cotton is generally divided into two kinds, one is more expensive natural cotton, the price is about hundreds, this is made of cotton fiber, even after treatment, there will be a certain degree of shrinkage, although the shrinkage rate is very small. The other is the water washed cotton made of chemical fiber. The price of 100% water washing cotton is made of polyester, but the polyester fiber will not shrink.

If the washable cotton quilt is shrunk, you can use the steam iron for ironing, the temperature should not exceed 110 degrees, and it can be stretched properly after ironing. In order to prevent the shrink of the quilt, some salt can be added to soak in the cold water a few times, so that the washing will not shrink.

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