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What Kind Of Bed Fabric Is Better
- May 02, 2018 -

One and four sets of fabric types and characteristics

1. Four-piece felt: it is chemical fiber, the most quality of the four sets of fabrics, the price is generally around 50 bucks, serious fade, wash several times can not be used, there are bold sellers shoddy, Buyers must open their eyes and recognise carefully.

2. Polyester/cotton four-piece: The product generally uses polyester/cotton fabric with 65% polyester and 35% cotton, and the polyester/cotton is divided into plain and twill. It is not much to introduce because there is no cotton that is comfortable to use nowadays. Less and less.

3. Cotton four-piece: (1). Cotton fabrics are relatively soft, comfortable, not easy to produce static electricity, good moisture absorption, sweat absorption and soft, is conducive to sweat glands "breathing" and good health, and soft touch, very easy Create a sleep atmosphere.

(2). All cotton fabrics have the problem of shrinkage and fading. The fabrics of home textiles have undergone preshrinkage treatment. However, the pre-shrinkage treatment does not mean that it does not shrink, but means that the shrinkage rate is controlled within 3% to 4% of the national standard. Such products can be purchased with confidence.

According to the printing and dyeing process, it is divided into four sets of ordinary printing and dyeing, semi-active four-piece, active four-piece, of course, the active printing and dyeing is better than ordinary printing and dyeing,

Reactive printing and dyeing is the combination of active dyes and fiber molecules in the process of dyeing and printing, so that the dye and fiber form a whole. The fabric has good dustproof performance, high cleanliness, high color fastness, and of course the cost is much higher than the pigment printing. Active printing has many advantages over pigment printing, such as good air permeability, excellent fastness, and soft hand, but there are also problems such as cumbersome printing process, long process flow, and difficult processing.

According to textile technology, it is divided into: plain weave, pure cotton, twill, sanding, satin, printing, embroidery, jacquard, craft is more and more complex, of course, the fabric is more and more soft, the relative price is also getting higher and higher! Printing, embroidery, jacquard, the price difference is not big, a grade higher than the twill, so talk about the satin, sanding, jacquard fabric four sets;

4. Satin four-piece suit: satin fabric, also known as satin fabric, a more complex process. In the weaving process, warp yarns and weft yarns are interlaced to form a pattern. The warp and weft yarns are interlaced fewer times than the diagonal lines, are independent and discontinuous, and basically do not see the intersections. There are long warp/weft yarns covering the surface of the fabric, and there are at least five warp and weft lines in a complete organization. The characteristics of satin fabrics are: soft and delicate texture, smooth and even surface, shiny, looks like silk, more comfortable, softest feel, thicker than plain and twill fabrics, and strong wear resistance. The high-end jacquard and embroidery kits often use this type of fabric. The color is elegant and noble, with exquisite patterns and exquisite embroidery, reflecting the perfect quality of high-end bedding products, of course, the price is also on a grade.

5. Shampoo printing fabric: It belongs to high-grade combed cotton. In the process of post-processing, this fabric is subjected to sanding treatment to make the surface of the fabric show a certain velvet feeling and improve the fabric feel. So what is sanding, sanding, or sanding? The warp and weft yarns can produce fluff at the same time, and the fluff is short and dense. Suede smooth, feel full, soft, rich velvet, soft luster, no aurora. The fluffy fabrics are fluffy, thick, and have good thermal properties. In summer, they can be used as a thin layer. They also have the advantages of being non-pilling and non-fading.

6. Jacquard four-piece: Jacquard is the pattern on the fabric refers to the time of weaving, woven with different colors of yarn, compared to the embroidery fabric, the cost is higher, looks like a watermark-like texture bumps The texture is softer and delicate, the gloss is better, the feel is better, the breathability is better, and the style is noble. It is the first choice for many model houses to choose bedding, but due to the complicated process, the relative price will be higher!

7. Silk cotton four-piece: silk + cotton fabric, produced with the silk thread and cotton yarn intertwined production, this product has both the soft and smooth silk, but also the cotton's personal and comfortable, soft touch, silky and delicate, cotton With the organic integration of silk performance, so as to enhance the taste and grade of the fabric used.

8. Yarn-dyed four-pieces: Yarn-dyed cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric. It is woven with warp and weft yarns of different colors. Due to the first dyed fabric, the dye has strong permeability, and the color fastness is better. The rate is small and it is not easy to fade! However, the cost is much higher than the average one, and the quality is even higher than the satin jacquard fabric. Yarn-dyed yarn is currently considered to be the mainstream of the next four sets of fabrics, quite popular with young people! Yarn-dyed prices are generally relatively high, all in the thousand or more.

9. Silk four-piece, this is a very high price, good, uncomfortable I have the final say, used to know, I believe we all understand, because the average family is generally extravagant, in which not much to introduce .

Two, four sets of process parameters and characteristics

Different fabrics will produce different results.

(1) Plain weave fabrics are relatively rough and warm, and they are longitudinally staggered weaves. Compared with other fabrics, the texture is rough, but it is very strong. Different yarns have different hand feelings. The higher the yarn, the better the feel and the higher the comfort.

(2) Twill weave has obvious slope, slightly luster, and the same yarn density, the feel and comfort are higher than plain weave.

(3), satin is a newly emerged fabric, very smooth, shiny, looks like satin, rich and gorgeous, more comfortable, but the durability is slightly worse than twill.

The real quality of a fabric lies first in its density, which is usually the number of yarns and the number of yarns. Because the higher the density of the cloth, the better the quality of the desired cotton, the softer the feel, the more lustrous, and the higher the production process requirements. What kind of four-piece bedding is better, so whether it is cotton or polyester Cotton, the better the density, the better the fabric quality.

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