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What Are The Four Sets Of Bedding?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Many friends often hear friends and family mention what the four piece of bedding includes, so what does the four piece cover?

The four piece includes: a pair of pillowcases, a quilt cover and a bed sheet (most of the materials are made of pure cotton). If you are the four piece of a single person, it includes a pillow case, a pillowcase, a quilt sheet.

Basically it's pillows, quilts, sheets, but there's no pillow core. What is the four piece of bedding, including what are the items that must be laid on the bed and bedclothes for sleeping? The four covers mainly include: one pair of pillowcases, a quilt and a sheet (mostly pure cotton, and silk cotton, fiber, etc.) "preferred home textile" has a strong enterprise strength to guarantee the sufficient supply and guarantee the quality of the goods. Secondly, "preferred home textile" has the valuable experience of home textile industry and can be accurately grasped. Market trend, mining market potential space; again, "preferred home textile" has good service, can provide a full range of technical support and guidance; finally, "preferred home textile" has a good reputation and word of mouth, to provide the most strong foundation for cooperation.

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