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The Advantages Of Four Parts For Washing Cotton
- May 02, 2018 -

First, cotton, good raw material. The raw material for the washing cotton is cotton, but the cost is higher than that of the ordinary cotton, because in the process of processing, the "twisting" and "water washing" process has been added. In the case of no extra chemicals, the fabric is softer with natural means, with old fabric like folds, without any confusion, but it seems to have used it. Familiarity.

Second, the process of combing cotton. The cotton yarn is taken care of by the comber, and the shorter fibers are removed, and the impurities in the cotton are put forward, leaving only long and regular fibers. The quality of the fabric is more stable, so the carding cotton fabric is more smooth, more ductile, even the dry, not easy to hair ball, durable.

Third, first dyeing and weaving, this is called yarn dyed weaving. Because it is dyed first, without dyeing process such as posterior dyeing, it is naturally more healthy and environmental protection. Yarn cost is higher, quality is better, no excellent, fade and stain will happen. Unlike some printing, digital printing, printing ink printing and other printing processes, including formaldehyde, aromatic amine and other harmful chemical residues, color fastness is very poor, easy to fade, harmful to the body. There is no such problem in the process of yarn dyed fabric, so its color is very soft and not bright, because it is very natural and healthy.

Fourth, pleats. If you want to get a slight wrinkle on the surface of the washed cotton, the yarn should be more carefully twisted and twisted, so that the fabric can not be deformed after washing. The two-way twist yarn with higher cost is adopted to avoid the disadvantage of poor dimensional stability and more washing and deforming of unidirectional twisting.

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