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How To Remove The White Sheet Dyeing
- May 02, 2018 -

1, bleaching agent rinsing

Choose the bleaching agent with color bleaching function, there is a certain desalination effect on the dyed sheets, especially color, but some brands of color bleaching can only desalination a little, so the choice of color Bleach Bleaching Agent should also recognize the brand.

2. Soaping with hot soapy water

Buy a piece of soap, scrape a little soap into the prepared hot water, and melt it until it is soapy water. Then dip the stained sheets into the water and warm them, then wash them, and they will turn white and bright. They look like new ones.

3, 84 disinfectant cleaning

84 the effect of disinfectant is better, but if it is not well used, it may destroy the sheets. So be sure to control the amount. Don't put too much time into the sheets.

4, vinegar cleaning

Just stained sheets can be used to wash the stained areas with vinegar, which can effectively dilute the stained parts.

5, washing powder and detergent

Add a little 1:1 to the warm water and immerse the sheets in warm water for half an hour or more, then rub them with hands. If it is not clean, put it in water above 50 degrees, add a small amount of laundry powder to wash.

6, Potassium Permanganate and acetic acid

Dissolve a little Potassium Permanganate in water, and then put in the white sheets to be rinsed in. After fully soaking for 10~20 minutes, the dyed sheets will be dark red, then washed and cleaned several times, and then dissolve a little acetic acid in water. The white sheets soaked in Potassium Permanganate in the acetic acid solution will change from dark red to the original color, and the color of the color will fade away and not damage its original color. Sometimes yellowing sheets can also be used in this way.

7. Local Salt Scrub

Will be stained with water wet, and then painted with salt in the dyeing department, repeatedly rubbed with hands, the stained area is washed clean, and then rinse with water.

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