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How To Distinguish Cotton Sheets
- May 02, 2018 -

1. Look at the label

As long as the general label is not fake, it says that cotton content is more than 70%, even if it is pure cotton.

2. Look at the feeling of hand

Pure cotton cloth

It has soft gloss, soft handle, poor elasticity and easy wrinkle. After kneading the cloth with a hand, it will be visible and wrinkled. From the edges of the selvage, a few warps and weft yarns were opened, and the length of the fibers varied.

Cotton fabric (including artificial cotton, rich fiber cloth)

The gloss of the cloth is soft, bright, bright, smooth, soft and elastic. When the cloth is kneaded into a ball by hand, the creases can be seen, and the creases are not easy to restore.

Polyester cotton cloth

Gloss is more bright than pure cotton cloth, cloth surface is neat, clean without head or impurities. The feeling is smooth and crisp, and the elasticity is better than the pure cotton cloth. Knead into a ball and then loosen it. The crease is not obvious, and it is easy to restore the original state.

3. Fire with fire

The cotton fabric is close to the flame and does not melt and burn rapidly. The flame is orange and has blue smoke. When you leave the flame, it will continue to burn. After the burn, the ashes are small and linear. Soft gray, pale gray, touch easily into powder.

4. Olfactory method

The cotton bed sheet smells no other flavour. If you add other ingredients into the cloth, you will have a special taste if you smell it carefully. So when you choose a cotton bedspread, you'd better ask the taste. Because chemical fiber will give off the smell of an industrial product and is easier to find.

5. Tearing method

Pick up the cloth and tear them hard. If there are some edges of the sheets, the sheets are pure cotton. If they do not react hard, then the sheets are likely to be added to other materials.

6. Water washing method

The washing of pure cotton sheets will shrink, that is, the actual size will be smaller after washing. Now many home textile products in order to avoid such a situation, will add some chemical fiber ingredients in it, so that the quilt is not easy to shrink.

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