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How To Determine Whether The Four-piece Cotton Is Cotton?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

The simplest and direct way is to look at the feeling of hand. If the raw material is in a loose fiber state, such as cotton wool, it can be judged according to the appearance, color, handle and hand strength of the fiber. The natural cotton fiber is fine and soft, the length is short, and the uniformity is poor, while the length of the chemical fiber is generally neat, the length is long, the color is very pure, and the luster is not natural. If they are made of textiles, the pure cotton products generally feel good and soft, especially the knitwear is softer than the woven fabric, and a more obvious fold is caught, while the cotton products with chemical fiber are more rigid and almost no wrinkle. In addition to the special treatment of mercerized cotton, cotton textiles feel not very smooth, not as smooth as polyester, blended and other products, color is usually natural, no silk, chemical fiber as special luster. Besides, according to the disadvantage of cotton: washing cotton will shrink (normal does not affect the use).

Another commonly used method is the combustion method. A yarn can be removed from the corner of the fabric to be ignited to determine whether it is cotton or not. Cotton and other fibers with cellulose as the main component of the fiber in contact with the flame burning quickly, after leaving the flame can continue to burn, will send out the smell of paper burning, after burning is a small amount of ash white ashes. Wool and other protein fibers burn with the smell of burning hair. The ashes left after burning are black and crisp. Although synthetic fibers can also burn in fire, they do not burn quickly when approaching the flame, but melt and contract. The residues after combustion are hard spheres.

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