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Does The Cotton Sheet Play Ball?
- May 02, 2018 -

It may be a ball. It depends on the quality. Generally good cotton bed sheets do not pilling. Pure cotton is easier to wrinkle and deform. It is necessary to add other ingredients to maintain the finalize.

A lot of people think pure cotton is absolutely not a ball. They think that only the chemical fiber will pilling, so when the clothings are pilling, they will think that the fabric is not pure cotton and mixed with other chemical fibers. Pure cotton fabric is not a hundred percent off the ball, because the pure cotton fabric is also divided into several grades, the best pure cotton is made of the longest fiber made of cotton, after the hair treatment, good cotton fabric surface will have a soft and comfortable layer of fluff. Any surface wool fabric after friction, the surface of the wool fiber will be entangled together to form the phenomenon of ball, then why does the pure cotton fabric will not be easy to ball?

The reason that pure cotton fabric is not easy to take off

Because the fiber is more fiber than pure cotton fiber strength, high toughness, so it is not easy to fall off after the ball, the long time long ball stubbornly stay on the clothes, this time the ball is obvious. The wool ball on cotton fabric will gradually fall off in the process of washing and rubbing, so that people can understand "pure cotton can not play ball".

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