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Cleaning Method For Bedding
- May 02, 2018 -

Now this season is the active stage of mites.

Light causes large pores and rough skin.

Weight leads to allergies and rashes.

The harm of mites is beyond your imagination,

But teach you a few small ways,

You can get rid of 99% mite easily!

Quilt & clothes

It is known to be able to clean or insolate at high temperature, but few people know that as long as you add this step in cleaning the clothes, you can kill 99% mites on the sheets and clothes!

This is a simple step, which is when the clothes and sheets are rinsed and the water is poured into the rinse for a while. It takes only 1 more minutes, the dust mites on the clothes disappear, the top you are insolate for a few hours, and the clothes are not hurt.


If the human skin is the table of mites, the pillow is the hotbed of mites. The pillow can not be often cleaned, and close to the human body, absorbing a lot of human body cuticle and dandruff, as many as 60 thousand mite above, beyond your imagination!

Pillow mites, no need to clean, only need to master these two methods, mites can be completely clean! This method is also applicable to all things that are not suitable for frequent washing, except for pillows, stuffed toys and pillows.

Refrigerator freezer

The pillow, pillow, plush toy and so on are wrapped up with fresh-keeping film, and then frozen in the freezer room for 6-24 hours, the mortality rate of mites can be as high as 70%, and then take out the sun to get rid of the mites 100%.

Black plastic bag insolation

Studies have shown that exposure to sunlight can only kill 30% of mites, especially for pillows such as heavy household items. But as long as the temperature can be added to the pillow, the efficiency of killing the mites can be greatly increased by exposure to sunlight. Give the pillow a black garbage bag to go out for two hours, and the mites will die.

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