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Which is better, washing cotton and pure cotton
- May 02, 2018 -

Washing cotton is better. Pure cotton is easy to discolor after washing for a long time, and cotton products usually do not fade and have higher density. Although cotton is more comfortable to wear, the comfort of washing cotton is also good. We should consider the practical aspects.

Washable cotton fabric

Cotton as the raw material, after special treatment, the fabric surface tone, gloss more softer, more soft feel, and a slight wrinkle in the sense of a few old material. Moreover, the foreign body of washing cotton has the advantages of not changing color and ironing. A good washcloth has a uniform Plush on the surface and a unique style.


Water washing cotton has a prominent film feeling, cotton fiber is not easy to run out, good tension, water washing, high density, good insulation performance, good air permeability, tone, glossiness are good and soft and comfortable, but sweatiness is general, more suitable for the spring and autumn coat.

The more common material in the bedding is pure cotton and water washing cotton. These two are more comfortable, but each has its advantages. We should choose which fabric is better.

Pure cotton fabric

It is a textile made of cotton and woven by warp and weft yarn through the loom. At present, according to the actual processing of cotton source, it is also divided into original cotton fabric and regenerated cotton fabric.


Cotton fiber has a good hygroscopicity, cotton fiber itself has a porous, so it is more warm, and the resistance to alkali is relatively large, in alkaline solution fiber will not change, and natural no stimulation, no effect on the skin.

The shortcomings of pure cotton

Easy to wrinkle: and when it is wrinkled, it is more difficult to smooth.

Shrinkage: the shrinkage rate of pure cotton is 2% to 5%. Except for special processing or washing plants, all other cotton fabrics will shrink.

Easy to deform: lack of flexibility, pure cotton clothing will be easy to deform, especially summer wear, because the fabric is thin.

Easy to stick hair: once the sticky hair is difficult to remove completely.

Poor acid resistance: this kind of fabric is more afraid of acid, when the concentrated sulfuric acid is infected with cotton cloth, cotton cloth is burned into holes, if acid substances such as vinegar, inadvertently after the clothes should be cleaned in time, avoid acetic acid to produce fatal damage to the clothes.

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