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What are the most comfortable four pieces of fabric on the bed?
- Apr 28, 2018 -

Four pieces of the bed selection is very important, first of all, according to the size of your bed to choose the appropriate four sets, and the selection of the fabric, it is directly connected to our skin, if no choice, will hurt the skin.

Generally speaking, the four piece set on the bed is 1 sheets, 1 quilt covers and 2 pillowcases. This kit is also used more than one kind, but also a more practical, in choice to pay attention to some details, you want to know like the bed four sets of it has many kinds of fabric, all kinds of fabrics have different features, first of all, you choose to choose the right material according to your own needs. In fact, the quality of the fabric in accordance with your brand to identify, if the quality of choice is not good, it will affect our sleep, in addition to the appropriate selection of fabrics, but also choose the right color to do, so that we can help sleep.

Four sets of quilt cover can be divided into four groups according to their composition.

1, pure cotton class: we know pure cotton products, use to make people feel a lot of comfort, generally speaking, the quilt cover is divided into four pieces of cloth, twill cloth, plain cloth, satin cloth and jacquard cloth. Generally, it has the highest density, like Venb, and the density of plain cloth is the lowest.

2, silk: silk quilt is relatively high price. This fabric is usually divided into plain color, printing, jacquard, hand-painted and so on. When you choose, you can also refer to the style of your home, so that it will be more appropriate to choose.

3. Tencel: Tencel is pure natural regeneration fiber. There are two kinds of fibers in the market, one is fibrillar Tencel, and the other is non fibrous Tencel. You must make sure when you choose.

4, bamboo fiber: bamboo fiber quilt is a kind of new natural fiber, this product is much better than the bamboo pulp fiber, it is mainly the use of physical, chemical, and then the natural bamboo fiber.

Generally speaking, like the bed four sets of it includes the product is still relatively simple, it can be said that it is practical, the market to go to bed on the four sets of its fabric is divided into several, must choose comfort, environmental protection fabric will be more comfortable to use.

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