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Use pillow towel to notice matters
- May 02, 2018 -

Because the pillow towel and pillow case are separate, so it can only make a mess in the morning. In fact, a lot of people have this situation. If this is the case, try to turn the pillow a little bit shorter and change the angle of the neck in sleep may have a little effect.

What is the material of the pillow towel good

Pillow towel is the best choice for pure cotton, and it is best in light color. White bed products usually use less dye and less damage to health. Of course, the disadvantage of light color is that it is difficult to clean. If it is stained, it is difficult to clean it, so choose the right color appropriately.

Pillow towel is made of pure cotton yarn, and it is also interwoven with acrylic yarn and cotton yarn. There are two types of yarn - woven pillow towel and thread - knit towel. There are jacquard, printing, jacquard spray, jacquard embroidery, cut pile printing, cut pile jacquard and woven lattice (anti style) pillow towel and so on. The fabric is firm, soft, elastic and comfortable to use. It can not only protect the pillowcases, but also the decoration.

Silk is also a common pillow material. Health and comfort are one of the advantages of silk pillow towel. There are 18 kinds of amino acids in silk fiber, which are similar to those of human skin. So silk pillow towel has the function of health care and Cosmetology. Many people use this kind of material pillow towel.

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