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How to wash the four pieces of silk
- May 02, 2018 -

1, the four piece of silk is the best hand washing. Put a small amount of neutral detergent in the cold water, then mix the detergent in the water before mixing it into a few pieces of silk. The four pieces are soaked in water for more than three minutes, and then wash them gently with hands, then rinse them with two or three drops of vinegar in the water, and this can keep four sets. It is bright and bright.

2, remember the silk four pieces can not be forced to dry hard, only slightly out of the water inside, and then flat to dry, can not use high temperature ironing, only in the four pieces of 70% dry hands smooth.

3, remember to clean the four pieces of silk, you can not use washing powder, laundry soap, soap and other washing products, and can not be mixed with other clothes, cleaning when cleaning the best use of silk cleaning agent to wash.

Maintenance method of silk four pieces

1, silk four piece can only be dried in the ventilated and dry place, and can not be aired under the sun or fluorescent lamp.

2, silk four sleeve hygroscopicity more strong, so the bedroom should keep ventilation, keep the room humidity to a certain extent, if four pieces are not very dirty, you can not wash, during the day, you can put four sets in the ventilation, after the internal sweat volatilization in the room to cover.

3, silk four piece set is best kept in storage box, keep dry, if put into insect repellent, insect repellent need to use cloth bag good, can not directly contact with clothes.

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