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How to distinguish between the true and false of the silk four pieces
- May 02, 2018 -

1, four sets of the logo is described in detail, some write 100% silk quilt are all problematic. Must be written 100% mulberry silk or 100% tussah silk.

2, pull a few lines from the edge of the four piece, and soak it with 84 disinfectant. It can really turn off the instructions. Because 84 of the effective component of the disinfectant is hypochloric acid, it can dissolve protein, pure silk is made up of protein, so it can be dissolved, if not completely dissolved, the ingredients are silk and other materials mixed.

3, sniff the smell of the four piece with your nose to see if it is the smell of silk. This smell is not mouldy or chemical.

4, every silk should have a look like the mouth, generally in 5--25 centimeters, in 20 centimeters below the problem, some small manufacturers will use good silk to do mouth to deceive consumers. The test is to pull out 20-30 grams of silk and take 5 grams of it inside to see if it is good. Then burn it with a lighter to see if there is any smell of protein burning.

5, rub the silk with your mouth first, then rub it in other places to see if it feels the same. Silk texture gives people the feeling of slippery, thin and considerate skin.

6, silk can be folded and pressed, and its springback speed is slower than that of chemical fiber.

7, see the thickness of silk quilt, generally used in winter silk quilt, good 2500 grams of silk is generally thicker, if not very thick, then the possible silk is added short fiber silk or other material.

8, look at the price, the price of silk is generally very expensive, it is cheaper than the normal price does not want to know that there must be adulteration, a penny a point of goods this reason or to follow.

9, the product provides the company's credibility and store owner's business hours. Buying brand products can greatly reduce the chance of buying fake products.

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