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Do you have a pillowcase with a pillowcase?
- May 02, 2018 -

A pillow case can also be used as a pillow towel. Of course, you don't have to do it and look at your hobbies. Of course, it is good to use a pillow towel, for example.

1, the use of a pillow towel can reduce the frequency of the pillowcase, but the pillow case is too thin, the sweat and oil can go through the pillowcase into the pillow core, causing the pillow core to become dirty, and the use of the pillow towel will improve.

2. For some adults or babies who sleep at night, use the pillow towel to avoid the mouth water to stay on the pillowcase, and not let the mouth water infiltrate into the pillow core, avoid the pillow core mold.

3, in addition to the protection of the role of the pillowcase, it looks more fashionable, and the variety of pattern is more, put on the bed can also decorate the room, it looks very beautiful.

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