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Bedding fabric knowledge
- Apr 28, 2018 -

"Bedding four piece sets" usually refers to four sets of bedding (1 bedspreads, 1 quilts and 2 short pillowcases) in people's daily life. There are many kinds of four piece sets, which often make consumers who are in need of bedding materials feel confused. No matter where, there will always be such a question when you choose: the same is the same four sets, the price gap is so big, few hundred, more thousands of thousands, what is it? There are many kinds of bedding fabric, the kind that is suitable for me in the end?

1. wool cloth: in other words, it is chemical fiber, the most quality four pieces of fabric, serious color, wash several times can not be used. Such a four piece set must not be bought, and it is hoped that the vast number of consumers will not be cheap.

2. printing and dyeing (whole cotton) four sets: a little cheaper, but also very expensive, but also very expensive to see the work is different, pure cotton feel good, the use of comfortable, hygroscopicity, washing is widely used in bedding material, all cotton fabric has the problem of shrinking color fading, it may cause inconvenience to use, the key is back whole road whole Reason. So the fabric of general home textiles has been pre shrinking. However, shrinkage treatment does not mean that it does not shrink, but refers to the shrinkage rate controlled within the national standard 3% - 4%%, such products can be assured of purchase.

3. active four parts: the active dye is in the process of dyeing and printing, the reactive gene of the dye combines with the fiber molecule, making the dye and fiber form a whole. The fabric has good dustproof performance, high cleanliness and high color fastness. Of course, the cost is much higher than the pigment printing and dyeing.

4. Satin four pieces: satin fabric, also known as satin fabric, is a more complex one. The texture formed by the interlacing of warp and weft yarn in textile process. The interweaving of warp and weft is less than that of the twill. It is independent and discontinuous. There is no crossing point. A long warp / weft is covered on the surface of the fabric, and there are at least five longitude and weft lines in a complete tissue. Satin fabric features: soft and delicate texture, smooth and smooth surface, glossy, look like silk, more comfortable, the most soft hand, more heavy than plain and twill fabrics, strong wear resistance. This kind of fabric is often used in high grade jacquard and embroidered suites. The color is elegant and noble, with exquisite flower and exquisite embroidery, it embodies the perfect quality of the high grade bed.

5. abrasive printing fabric: it belongs to high-grade combed cotton, this kind of fabric in the process of post-processing, grinding, making the surface of the fabric to present a certain sense of velvet, improve the feeling of fabric. So what is sanding? It can make warp and weft yarn produce fluff and short and thick fluff. The velvet is smooth, the handle is full and soft, full of velvet, soft and without aurora. The fabric is fluffy, thick and warm, and it can be used as a thin quilt in summer. It also has the advantages of no pilling and no fading.

6. jacquard four pieces: Jacquard is the fabric on the fabric of the fabric with different colors of yarn, compared with embroidered fabric, cost higher cost, looks like a watermark like concave and convex texture, texture is more soft and delicate, better gloss, better feel, better air permeability, and noble, and noble, is very noble, is very good. The choice of bed products is the first choice for various plate houses.

7. color woven four pieces: yarn dyed pure cotton is a kind of pure cotton fabric, it is woven with different colors of warp and weft, because it is dyed first, the dyestuff is strong, the color fastness is good, the shrinkage is small, and the color is not easy to fade! But the cost is much higher than that of the ordinary, and the quality is higher than that of the satin. Yarn dyed fabric is now the mainstream fabric of the four piece sets in the future. It is quite popular among young people. The price of yarn dyed fabric is generally higher.

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