White Jacquard Bedding Set

White jacquard bedding set made of by 100s*100s 100%cotton for the product of this page.

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White jacquard bedding set

White jacquard bedding set made of by 100s*100s 100%cotton for the product of this page.


Process of white jacquard bedding sets.

The process flow of yarn-dyed jacquard cloth: yarn-dyed fabric is usually produced by small jacquard and rapier loom.

On the jacquard machine, the pattern is placed on the cylinder, and each weft is turned over a plate, and the cylinder is pressed against the needle.

When there is a hole in the plate, the head end of the pin reaches into the groove and the hole of the flower tube, so that the hook end of the straight needle is still hanging on the lifting knife.

When the lifting knife rises, the straight needle goes up, and through the first line hook and through the wire to drive the harness to ascend, the thread that is inserted into the heddle is also raised to form the upper layer of the shed.

In the lower harness of the heald, the hammers are suspended. When the shed is closed, it depends on its weight.

When the lines on the board without perforation, transverse needle back through a convex head, push the corresponding straight needle, straight needle hook end out of the knife, so connected with straight needle harness wire and the wire are not ascending, it sank below the silk, form the lower shed.

So each warp movement is according to the pattern plate with hole or without empty to decide, grain plate hole is according to the design requirements of the decorative pattern and rolling, so the warp movement is accord with the requirement of grain appearance and organization.                  

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